Ny 11 33 Seal Golden Shaded Point

Yuki has everything I wanted in a British Shorthair. He has beautifully pigmented blue eyes, Strong body, wonderful head type with a wide and full muzzle, modern type forehead. The thing I love about him the most is the think, dense and resilient coat texture, which is rare in shaded colored British shorthairs. At the age of 5 month, he got best of breed, Best all breed shorthair in TICA shows. He is also Top 25 kitten in southwest region.
He is a playful boy, he loves to "hunt", but also very needy. His dad is World Champion and I believe he can follow his steps.



Ay 12 Blue Golden Chinchilla

Ulan won International Champion in Europe WCF. And He got Grand Champion in USA. His color is so elegant, it almost looks like light pink, got him a lot of compliment in shows. He has big eyes and sweet face composition, with a round head. He has given us lots of very sweet kittens and he has very gentle personality. He loves belly rubs, and always seeking for attention. He gets jealous easily when I spend time with other cats.



By11 Chocolate golden shaded

Zevs is a very compact boy. He has a huge head and big face. He carries chocolate, point and longhair gene, so he can bring us tons of different kittens. The thing I love about him the most is his ear placement. He has excellent wide and small ears.



Ny11 Black golden Shaded

Turbo is very suitable for his name. He purrs like a turbo, eat like a turbo. He is a successor of the traditional line legends in cattery Sun&Snow. He has extremely short coat, big strong body, and excellent muzzles. This line usually takes about 2 years to be fully developed.